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The alphabet soup of California workers' compensation

Abbreviation Meaning Links Comments
AD Administrative Director of the DWC, reports to the Director of  Department of Industrial Relations    
ADA Americans With Disabilities Act ADA
ADL Activities of Daily Living -- see AMA Guides AMA Guides
AMA American Medical Association (as in AMA Guides) AMA Guides
AME Agreed Medical Evaluator AME
AOE-COE Arising out of and in the course of the employment AOE-COE
AWE Average weekly earnings AWE
CCR Code of Regulations (usually refers to Title 8) 8 CCR Index
COLA Cost of living adjustment COLA
C&R Compromise and Release C&R
CT Cumulative trauma CT
DCA District Court of Appeal CA DCA
DEPO Deposition Depositions
DEU Disability Evaluation Unit DEU  
DFEC Diminished future earning capacity  DFEC and PD-DFEC
DIR Department of Industrial Relations DIR
DOI Date of injury DOI
DOR Declaration of Readiness to Proceed DOR
DWC Division of Workers' Compensation DWC  
EAMS Electronic Adjudication Management System EAMS  
EDD Employment Development Department EDD
FEC Future earning capacity (used in 2005 rating manual, page 1-5) FEC
F&A Findings and Award
F&O Findings and Order
FCE Functional Capacity Evaluation FCE
FEHA Fair Employment and Housing Act FEHA  
FMT Future medical treatment FMT
GAF Global Assessment of Function, used in 2005 rating schedule (p. 1-12) to assess psychiatric permanent disability GAF
I&A Information and Assistance I & A
IMR Independent Medical Review IMR   
LC Labor Code
LP Life pension LP
MDT Multiple Disability Table (1997 rating schedule) MDT
MMI Maximum medical improvement MMI   
MPN Medical Provider Network MPN   
MSA Medicare Set-aside MSA
MSC Mandatory Settlement Conference MSC
MTUS Medical treatment utilization schedule MTUS
NCM Nurse Case Manager NCM
OMFS Official Medical Fee Schedule OMFS
OTOC Order Taking off Calendar
PD Permanent disability PD
PDR Permanent disability rating report PDR
P&S Permanent and stationary P&S
PTD Permanent total disability PTD
PTP Primary Treating Physician PTP, 8 CCR §9785  
QME Qualified Medical Evaluator QME
RTW Return to work RTW
SAWW State Average Weekly Wage SAWW See, too COLA
SDI State Disability Insurance SDI
SIF (SIBTF) Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund (SIBTF) SIF
SJDB Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit SJDB   
S&W Serious and willful S&W   
SOL Statutes of Limitations SOL
SSD or SSDI Social Security Disability SSD
STIPS Stipulations Stipulations
TD Temporary disability TD
TPA Third Party Administrator: "An agent under contract to administer the workers' compensation claims of an insurer, self-insured employer, or joint powers authority." TPA
UI Unemployment Insurance UI
UR Utilization Review UR   
VE Vocational Expert VE
WCAB  Workers' Compensation Appeals Board WCAB   

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