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Unemployment Insurance "commonly referred to as UI, provides workers, who lose their jobs through no fault of their own, with weekly unemployment insurance payments. The UI program is 100% funded by employers who pay taxes on wages paid to employees."

For eligibility requirements, click here. A "tip card" is available here. For weekly benefit amount, click here.

An injured worker who cannot do his or her regular or customary work for at least eight consecutive days and is not "ready and looking for work" should apply instead for State Disability Insurance.

Denials can be appealed to California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.

Federal programs administered by the Social Security Administration pay benefits to "individuals who have a disability and meet medical criteria." See Social Security Disability.
Label Item Links Comments
Unemployment Insurance Code Definition of "unemployed" UI §1252  
Regulations/Rules UI regs are in 22 CCR 1251 et seq.
22 CCR  
Appeals Board California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board CUIAB
Forms Online Forms and Publications Forms & Publications  
Websites Unemployment Insurance

Social Security Disability

Practice Tips Compare eligibility requirements and rates for UI and SDI (see above); consider whether federal benefits are available. Also check into whether injured worker has any private long- or short term disability insurance or union benefits.    
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