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See ADA-FEHA for federal and state laws against discrimination, and 132a for the Labor Code's ban on discrimation against injured workers who assert their rights to workers' compensation.

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Labor Code Discrimination against an injured worker can result in stiff penalties. See 132a LC §132a  
Government Code Fair Employment and Housing Act "bans employment discrimination on the bases of age (40 and over), ancestry, color, religious creed, disability (mental and physical) including HIV and AIDS, marital status, medical condition (cancer and genetic characteristics), national origin, race, sex, and sexual orientation. The FEHA covers California employers with five or more employees. Only one employee is needed for a sexual harassment claim."
Government Code §12940 et seq.
Title VII (42 USC) The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) 42 USC §12101 et seq  
Regulations/Rules DFEH Regs  
Forms Pre-Complaint Questionnaire - Employment (DFEH) Pre-Complaint Questionnaire - Employment   
Websites Disability Discrimination (EEOC) Disability Discrimination   
  Fair Employment and Housing (FEH) DFEH  
  Employment Complaint Process Complaint   
Practice Tips Consult an employment lawyer early on.     
Articles The Main Differences between Title VII and California FEHA Differences
DWC Conference Presentation Returning Injured Employees to Work While Complying With the ADA& FEHA  Presentation
Miscellaneous Can Labor Code §4663's "other factors" trump California's law against discrimination (FEHA)?    See Apportionment

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