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"Disability or industrial disability retirement consists of a monthly retirement benefit paid to a member if they are unable to perform the usual duties of their current position due to an illness or injury that is expected to be permanent or of an undetermined duration and cannot perform the usual duties of the position for other California CalPERS employers (including State agencies, schools, and local public agencies)." See CalPERS

"CalPERS is responsible for administering the Retirement Law, the Public Employees' Medical and Hospital Care Act, the State Employees' Dental Care Act, the Deferred Compensation Act, the Long-Term Care Act, and other programs, as well as the Judges', Judges' II, and Legislators' programs, which are all part of the California Government Code."

Label Item Links Comments
Government Code Sec. 20000 et seq. PERL  
Regulations/Rules Public Employees' Retirement System: 2 CCR §§550-599.554 CCR  
Websites The California Public Employees' Retirement Law CalPERS PERL Useful links 

CalPers Disability & Industrial Disability Retirement CalPERS  
  Legislation, Precedential Board Decisions, Regulations & Statutes Law, etc.  
  CalPers in Wikipedia Wikipedia  
Practice Tips See article Unintended C&R Consequences  
Magazine Articles Unintended Compromise and Release Consequences for CalPERS Disability Retirees by Edward L. Faunce, Esq. Unintended C&R Consequences  
More articles by Ed Faunce, Esq. Faunce articles
Roundtable Handling a Labor Code §3208.3 Psyche Claim for a Public Employee with Industrial Disability Retirement Rights: Faunce, Edward L., Esq. Handling a Labor Code §3208.3 Psyche Claim  

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