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"Status conference" means a proceeding set for the purpose of ascertaining if there are genuine disputes requiring resolution, of providing assistance to the parties in resolving disputes, of narrowing the issues, and of facilitating preparation for trial if a trial is necessary. 8 CCR §10301(dd).

As a general rule, a case cannot be set for trial from a status conference unless both sides agree and fill out a pre-trial statement. In some cases the judge has the parties return to another status conference to determine if there is compliance with orders or agreements.

The status conference is generally used for discovery disputes or problems with obtaining Qualified Medical Evaluators. It is still necessary to comply with rules concerning the Declaration of Readiness. The problem needs to be clearly delineated in the box provided on the DOR or in a petition, noting efforts to resolve the dispute (e.g., a "meet and confer" letter).
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Labor Code      
Regulations/Rules Board Rule §10301 8 CCR §10301  
Forms The Declaration of Readiness to Proceed has 5 choices: select Status Conference box Status DOR  
Practice Tips A status conference may be a useful tool to get parties to take action, or it can be a complete waste of time for the applicant's attorney while a billing opportunity for the defense attorney. The assigned judge may or may not facilitate dispute resolution. Object to any undesired filing by the other side that does not meet the requirements of 8 CCR §10414.    
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