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Marjory Harris, Esq / Attorney at Law

For 8 years Marjory was the editor of
getMedLegal Magazine, and before
becoming a lawyer, she was in publications
in New York City and a free-lance writer.
She has been practicing law since 1974 and
is a certified specialist in workers'
compensation law.

Reach Marjory at (888) 858-9882 or
email to wcwebzine@gmail.com.

Bob Matthews / Matthews Design Group

Advertising / Web/ Graphic Design
Bob’s experience in high-level creative
communications has spanned 30 years
and included Fortune 500 companies.

Reach Bob at (408) 378-0878 or email to:


On a Mission: Our goal is to give people in
all areas of workers' compensation a place to voice concerns, share knowledge and keep up with the breakneck pace of changes to law and procedure. With regularly updated links to statutes and regs, practice tips, comments from people across the industry, and articles and editorials, we hope to promote a better working environment for all associated with California's workers' compensation system.

WC Webzine is a public service site with no fees or logins required. Links are to free sites as well.

A good place to start: Our team worked together for 8 years on getMedLegal Magazine, a free online magazine published four times a year by Med-Legal. The Magazine featured how-to articles and practice tips, editorials, interviews, and war stories from the trenches of WC practice, with colorful graphics that captured the essence of the content.

In late 2012, Marjory Harris and Bob Matthews teamed up again to create WC Webzine. We have incorporated the getMedLegal magazine archives with our Master A-Z Index with the kind permission of Med-Legal LLC.

Our A-Z Index is a roadmap to many areas of workers' compensation law and medicine. Color-coded and cross-referenced, it lists all topic pages with their easy to use charts, all Roundtable columns featuring invited guests from across the workers' compensation industy, and all Magazine articles.

Our Marketplace gives advertisers a low cost way to get noticed. Tabbed and indexed, it features banner ads and full page ads for workers' compensation-related services.

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